Proud of the quality of their workmanship

1. I am happy that the quote and the invoice were close, differing only in the wood that was needed and couldn’t be predicted
2. I am satisfied with the work, I am confident I have a better roof than I did before, confident that there will not be issues between my attached neighbour and myself as they were completed concurrently and looking forward to seeing improvements in the way water runs off the roof and icicle formation at a trouble spot that was the same as the spot that wood needed replacement.
3. I am happy with how clean the site was kept. My biggest concern was cleaning up the pitch gravel because our puppy eats gravel and the nails on the gravel walkway because the tenants have small children. I inspected closely and found there was not much more I could find.
4. I am happy with the people who did the work. Nem and Kirk were most personable, I didn’t catch the names of the other two. Kirk appears to be a bit of a perfectionist, he takes personal responsibility for the work but all of them appear to be proud of the quality of their workmanship.

Got the work done to a high standard

I needed to get my rented Toronto semi re roofed but I was not in Toronto. I managed to get 5 local companies to take a look and Toronto Roofing were the first on site, first with the quote and cheapest.  Despite the normal hiccups of rain, parking problems etc Tims team got the work done to a high standard over 2 days, including a bit of additional work for the skylight.  Russ was informative about the roof and quick with the quote and Carol in the back office was a delight to work with.  I’m happy to recommend Toronto Roofing Industries.

My go to guys

I will probably need a new roof at some point and you are my go to guys.

Very enjoyable working with you guys.

Thank you again for your company great work on this big project. 4 things stood out to me as impressive:
The group’s teamwork
Time management
Plus that was very enjoyable working with you guys.
I wish to get a chance to use your crew for future projects.

Thanks for your help.

Everything was great – no negative comments.  It was done efficiently and clean-up was great.  Thanks for your help.

Job was done well and quickly.

We were very happy with the job your team did.  The job was done well and quickly, you even expedited it because of the rainy weather (thanks to Carole for that too). The quote was competitive and matched the bill, no surprises there. You also gave us some options to deal with the issues that came up with the addition roof and gave us some differently priced choices to deal with it. I appreciated that your team was responsive and able to explain what they were doing and why. Even with the bathroom fan, Jesse took the time to explain why venting upward would create a moisture issue and used a personal experience to describe why he wouldn’t recommend it. Sometimes guys can talk down to you as a woman, and your guys did not do that. They were really respectful and direct and we appreciated working with your team. We will be recommending Toronto Roofing Industries to others.

Commitment to your customers

Thank you very much for the customer service. I have been waiting for an invoice to drop given that the problem seems to be racoons, as opposed to any quality deficiencies.

Once again, I appreciate your commitment to your customers.
I always say good things about TRI whenever talk turns to roofing.

Extremely efficient.

I have been travelling so not sure if I have already submitted feedback or not.  But wanted to make sure you knew that the crew we had on-site was excellent.
They were polite, courteous and professional.  More importantly, they kept us well-informed during each step of the process and were extremely efficient.
Highest compliment – my neighbour with whom I share a driveway mentioned how unobtrusive they were.
Thank you for a job well done.

Professional, courteous and tidy. 

I am very happy with the work your team performed.  The team was professional, courteous and tidy.  What I really liked was they took the time to fix some of the little things that were not necessarily in scope for the job.  I’m not as young as I once was so climbing up and inspecting my roof is not something I’m inclined to do.  Your team inspected the entire roof and left me with “peace of mind”.  I will definitely use your company again for all roofing related services.