Great Work

Thanks to your crew for the great work on our roof.

Good work

Thanks for your good work at our home.

VERY pleased

I am VERY pleased w/ the service from TRI.  This includes 3 jobs: new roof, new garage roof, and minor repair.  All jobs were responded to quickly, and the work was carried out professionally and to a very high standard.  I have mentioned this to my neighbour, who commented on the fact that he saw someone on my roof the other day, and my brother who is thinking of a new roof in the near future.

Starts with you and Tim

Awww. Thank you so much! Everyone from TRI have been wonderful. We think that starts with you and Tim.  We appreciate everything you have done.


I am very pleased that the fixup was easy, and everything is A-OK.

Proud of the quality of their workmanship

1. I am happy that the quote and the invoice were close, differing only in the wood that was needed and couldn’t be predicted
2. I am satisfied with the work, I am confident I have a better roof than I did before, confident that there will not be issues between my attached neighbour and myself as they were completed concurrently and looking forward to seeing improvements in the way water runs off the roof and icicle formation at a trouble spot that was the same as the spot that wood needed replacement.
3. I am happy with how clean the site was kept. My biggest concern was cleaning up the pitch gravel because our puppy eats gravel and the nails on the gravel walkway because the tenants have small children. I inspected closely and found there was not much more I could find.
4. I am happy with the people who did the work. Nem and Kirk were most personable, I didn’t catch the names of the other two. Kirk appears to be a bit of a perfectionist, he takes personal responsibility for the work but all of them appear to be proud of the quality of their workmanship.

Got the work done to a high standard

I needed to get my rented Toronto semi re roofed but I was not in Toronto. I managed to get 5 local companies to take a look and Toronto Roofing were the first on site, first with the quote and cheapest.  Despite the normal hiccups of rain, parking problems etc Tims team got the work done to a high standard over 2 days, including a bit of additional work for the skylight.  Russ was informative about the roof and quick with the quote and Carol in the back office was a delight to work with.  I’m happy to recommend Toronto Roofing Industries.

My go to guys

I will probably need a new roof at some point and you are my go to guys.