Extremely Professional

You and the team seemed extremely professional and did a fantastic job cleaning up. We really appreciate it.

Could not be happier

We could not be happier with your team, They did a fantastic job.

We chose your company because we found Russ to be direct, knowledgeable and sure. He recognized our needs quickly, accurately and said, believably, the company could deliver.

My neighbour requested that the air conditioner on the side of the house be covered, Steve made sure all went as requested and as required. He responded quickly to our correspondence, dropped by our home to introduce himself, and made sure the team was responsive to our needs. I’m sure that Steve was the reason this job went as well and smoothly, as it did. He was great.

We were working from home because of the pandemic, and we could see that the team was working hard and we could see the quality in the work being performed.

Lastly, I feel confident that you provide one of the best guarantees in the business, This is something both Steve and Russ commented on. This was comforting to hear.

Overall, it was a good experience, Thank you.

Looks great

The roof looks great and there was no evidence of your team being here left behind. In fact, it was cleaner after they left than it was when they came!

Ethical and professional group

We often need to hire contractors to do work on our homes.  We hope all goes well, but realistically sometimes it does not.  The measure of an ethical and professional contractor is how they deal with those situations.  My recent experience with Toronto Roofing Industries showed me they are from the ethical and professional group of contractors.  They acknowledged there was an issue and proceeded to deal with it.  I was impressed. As a result, I offered to write this positive review.

Accommodate our timeline

We were very happy with your service, especially with your going out of your way to accommodate our timeline. We are happy with the way our over-all project turned out, and thank you for your contribution.

Pleased with the work

We are very pleased with the work completed by your team.  I was also glad to see the clean-up performed after they had finished the roof.  I would recommend your firm to my friends.

Very Pleased

We are very pleased with the work done by your team.

Great Customer Service

I really appreciate the great customer service your company provides.  I have recommended you many times to friends.