TRI and its crew are good people. Trust me, trust them.


I made my selection of TRI for roof replacement based on the guiding principles that I think most people would apply: an experienced roofing company who provide high-quality work, good workmanship, on time and at fair market value.

The crew were courteous and respectful and I’m very pleased with the end result. 

Were there issues that arose throughout the process? Yes.

My not knowing and the roofing company not seeing that there could be a problem with my neighbour’s garden plants adjacent to my property line (which had not come up yet at the time) resulted in some of the plants being damaged due to falling shingles. Although an apology from both myself and the owner of TRI and financial compensation had been offered, there appears to be no forgiveness and no compassion. Instead, my neighbor is fixated on berating both me and TRI and continues to increase his estimate of the dollar value of the damaged garden plants. 

A new roof (that wasn’t leaking) would never be a priority for me but when I came around the corner and saw the men having finished the west side of my house, I said “My god, the roof is beautiful!!”  TRI helped me choose the colour and got the job done in a timely, professional manner. When I noticed a bit of flashing moving in the wind they were back ASAP to fix it and helped me with other suggestions.  

Experience in life allows you to get a sense of good people. I still think I am a good judge of character, and I made the right selection in choosing TRI. Three quotes later and not the cheapest but the nicest to work with.

I would recommend TRI to anyone who needs a new roof, roof repair or just an honest discussion regarding whatever you need in eaves and downspouts.

TRI and its crew are good people. Trust me, trust them.