Commercial and Industrial Roofing

With Toronto Roofing Industries, commercial and industrial roofing is all about business.  We specialize in helping you choose the right roofing system for your business requirements.  We are experienced and proficient with well established roofing systems such as Built-up Roofs (tar & gravel), 2-ply SBS Modified Bitumen systems, or single ply systems such as TPO and EPDM.  We also offer Liquid Rubber, which is quickly gaining popularity and success in the roofing industry. We will assist you in understanding the benefits of each system, and provide you with proposals for the alternatives that make sense for your business.

We take a business approach to commercial re-roofing where our solution is tailored to your needs, whether you’re looking for a low cost method to extend the life of your roof, or a long term roof that will provide the best performance, reliability, and value over the roof’s lifecycle.

Commercial roofing projects are always a team effort.  We pride ourselves on our ability to work with engineers, architects, material manufacturers, minitry of labour inspectors, and other contractors such as HVAC service companies, so that projects run smoothly and without delays.

Your business doesn’t stop during a re-roofing project.  We strive to minimize your business disruption through careful planning, co-ordination with building occupants, and flawless execution of the plan.  Our project supervisors and crew foremen are experienced and skilled at anticipating problems, and dealing with them quickly and efficiently when they occur so that projects stay on track, without sacrificing job quality.

Our skilled roofers are all trained, certified, and have many years of experience.  Their work is inspected throughout the project to ensure that all phases of the job are completed to specifications.  As an added assurance, our roofs are inspected by engineers from the material manufacturer to ensure the job has been completed in accordance with their specifications and installation methods and to validate the full manufacturers’ warranty for the job.

To experience the Toronto Roofing Industries difference, contact us for a free onsite consultation.