Distinctive Values

The true measure of a company you want to do business with.T.R.I is committed to ongoing effective communication with our customers at every stage. This quality is the fundamental underpinning of our organization. The foundation is the superior execution and detail work of a completed job. And, the quality that allows us to continue to deliver enduring installations throughout our communities with pride and confidence.

We have also created expert capabilities that most efficiently serve a clearly defined customer experience.

The customer experience must be dynamic. It is at the heart of our values to create an entrepreneurial spirit for satisfying customers and to deliver the best final roofing product. We encourage our staff to take ownership of what they do so that together we can make a difference.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us that roofing, above perhaps all other trades, is an enormous upheaval. After all, removing literally tons and tons of debris with tens of thousands of nails from a structure can be a daunting task. This is done often in the most challenging of circumstances. Some examples of these circumstances are multiple stories, complex roof designs, neighbours’ homes only feet away, air conditioners, barbeques, decks, lawn furniture, solariums, interlock driveways, satellite dishes and of course, cherished landscaping are to name but a few.

The process for this work takes time and due diligence. But let’s be honest, things can go wrong. Be careful with anyone that says contrary. The real issue here though is: What will your contractor do should something go wrong?

You can rest assured, at Toronto Roofing Industries, we will always do the right thing and “make it right,” as Mike Holmes would say.

Therein lays the true measure of any company you want to do business with.

T.R.I. is a professionally responsible, stable, solvent company.