At Toronto Roofing Industries Ltd., we believe that there are many qualities that set companies apart. What we find always to be at the root of any company’s success, however, is the organization’s ability to achieve and sustain high levels of performance. That performance is neither hereditary nor accidental. It is the outcome of deliberate choices made by senior executives.

Many competing companies can–for a time, at least–appear almost identical. They share the same targeted markets, business model, revenue base, employee compensation, etc. But over time, these companies performances start to vary and soon, it becomes obvious that they never really were the same.

T.R.I. actively manages the interaction between leadership, strategy, innovation and technical knowledge in a way that produces outstanding and sustainable results. It is staffed and managed to provide reliable, high-quality service, resulting in long-term effective service life of all its installations.

Our vision and values contain very clear and explicit directions for how each of the company’s core elements ought to be managed and what competencies the organization needs to develop to achieve and sustain high performance.