Competitive Essence

T.R.I. has completed thousands of roofs. It has enjoyed dynamic success and continues to maintain close relationships with its suppliers. T.R.I. uses its own manpower and financial resources.

T.R.I. is a MASTER ELITE certified installer for GAF Materials Corporation. GAF is the largest shingle and accessory manufacturer in North America with assets in the billions. Less than 6% of all roofing contractors qualify for this very prestigious status.

What does this mean to you, the homeowner?

For starters, for a relatively small fee, your 10 year warranty is upgraded to 12 years. That’s not all! Now, your 12 year warranty, for both labour and material, is additionally covered 100% by GAF. That means you now have a billion dollar company that has registered your job in their system and it is 100% guaranteed for 12 years. And that 12 year warranty is not prorated. There is no better protection anywhere in our marketplace that can be offered here than this, unless you are looking at a GOLD PLATED warranty, that is, THE GOLDEN PLEDGE. This warranty will cover 100% materials, 100% labour (including stripping the old materials off) and 100% disposal costs. AND, it is NOT prorated for 20 FULL YEARS. AND, it is transferable once to new homeownership should you be selling your home in the future. Only MASTER ELITE certified installers can offer this absolutely one of a kind warranty. There is simply no better warranty in the industry today. Your representative will be happy to review the details of those specials with you.

T.R.I. also offers a wide range of payment options for your convenience, such as deferred payments, equal payments or a customized payment plan suited for you. All leading credit cards are also accepted.

Notwithstanding all of the above, our representatives are trained to first identify a customer’s needs. By connecting the company’s processes and its resources we cost effectively satisfy those needs. Our clear and honest approach will result in very significant value for our customers.