Swift Action

Very impressed on swift action.  Telling few friends.

Reliable Service

We wanted to let you know that everyone who worked on our project was excellent!  Excellent, courteous, caring and reliable service!  Thank you!

Lightning speed work!

Thank you and Kirk for your amazing lightning speed work!

We so appreciate you doing this so quickly.

Thanks again Steve, you guys are fantastic!

High Five

Tell the guys high five and appreciate the great work.

Crew Excellent

Crew excellent, professional and organized.  We would give recommendation.

Short notice

Thank you for the help on short notice for this job.

Roof looks great

Our roof looks great. We were not home during the installation but our neighbour  whose roof was done at the same time assured us that your people did a good job.  Unfortunately, accidents happen, and our tap on the right side of the house got damaged.  It took a bit of time but in the end you sent an excellent plumber who fixed it.  So we are pleased with all the work that was done.  We thank you for being approachable and having good communications with your secretary Carole.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  Should the occasion arise we shall recommend your company.

Excellent Client Service

Work done Friday – lots of rain Saturday – no leaks!  Excellent Client Service.  Worked out perfectly.

Thanks again

Thanks again to Tim for the prompt assistance.  Was nice to know he was looking out for his clients and neighbours!