Much Appreciated

Thanks for your work on this, and for the assessment/consultation to diagnose the problem.  I very much appreciated it.

A gentleman and very professional

I am happy to say the two fellows you sent to have completed the needed job on our front roof
I should add that I was impressed by the manners of the fellow whom I talked to. He is a gentleman and very professional, keep him happy, he deserves it!

Good work Tim!

I needed some roofing work done so I asked my neighbours and family members if they knew of a reliable roofing company. The name that came up was Toronto Roofing Industries. I gave them a call and Tim responded quite quickly. He came by and inspected the different levels of my roofs. I thought it would all have to be repaired but Tim advised that some were still in good condition and recommended just doing the sections that needed attention. Their price was very competitive so I agreed to let him do the work. Because my job was smaller now he fit the into the next week’s schedule and it was completed and cleaned up the same day. I am happy. Good work Tim!

Well done

Much appreciate your help all along. Well done.

Anyone would be glad to hire this roofer.

I am quite pleased with the new shingles job done on my semi in Toronto east end.
The estimator Russ worked to make up a contract spec to suit my requirements, unlike
others who merely offered a template contract with no variation allowed.
The roofing team arrived on the appointed day, did their work safely and made a full
cleanup. The garden was not harmed in any way. The workmanship and roofing materials
are first class. All the old material was removed into bags made on the roof, then lowered to ground.
This minimized the mess of old removed material. The eavestroughing team arrived the next
day to install a short horizontal piece and downspout in a tricky location. This took time but
was all done by mid afternoon.  Rain no longer drips where it should not.
The new roof surface has elicited compliments from the neighbours.
I would have given five stars but I am a little picky on certain small details of the metal valley
arrangement and on the new eavestrough’s slope. (I worked as a boatbuilder).
None of these are worth asking for a redo. They are not visible to the casual eye.
The fine print on the contract shows some funny stuff on “ice dams”. Otherwise there is a
long guarantee on the material and the work.
Anyone would be glad to hire this roofer.

Gladly engage TRI

The work was started and completed in good time.

The workers were courteous and focussed on the work.

The quality of the work (choice and placement of shingles, and final appearance) seems to be very good.

Cleanup was thorough.

The fee for work done seemed appropriate and the financial component was managed efficiently and courteously by Carole.

We‘re satisfied with the roofing work performed over our portion of the porch and have no complaints. If a situation arises that demands roofing work we would gladly engage TRI.

Short notice

Thanks again for the help you all gave us on short notice.

Many thanks

Many thanks to your crew for a good job and thorough cleanup!

Trustworthy, competent, and well knowledgeable

Toronto Roofing Industries Ltd did an excellent job repairing my leaky flat roof after previous roof contractors failed to properly complete the job. A thorough inspection was performed on my roof. They quickly discovered the source of my leak and fixed the roof on the spot. They sent me photos for my reference. They also touched up on areas of potential leaks, which, they noticed, were de-bonding occurred -by the pluming stacks and chimney membrane. 
I’m very pleased with the results and I would definitely recommend them and use them again when necessary. They are trustworthy, competent, and well knowledgeable. Thank you Toronto Roofing Industries Ltd!