Residential Roofing

Selecting a roofing company is an important and personal choice for most homeowners. A new roof has to protect your home and all its treasures, and look great for a long time. It’s also an investment that adds to the value of your home. Let our team of experts make your roofing project a rewarding, trouble-free experience. Starting with our free roof inspection and in-home consultation, through to the final clean-up and warranty coverage, we strive to provide the best professional care and value in the industry.

Our trained and certified roofing consultants provide you with a detailed specification for a roofing system that exceeds building code requirements, conforms with manufacturers’ requirements for warranty, and will stand the test of time against the tough Canadian climate.


Our crews are experienced, trained and certified. We know how important your home is to you, and it takes a good crew to install a roof properly so that it will perform over the expected life of the roofing system.

From the first inspection of your home to the final cleanup when the job is done, Toronto Roofing Industries provides a professional, high-quality, and trouble free experience.

A Toronto Home

Residential roofs come in many shapes and sizes.  This roof is on a larger home with steep slopes and adjoining flat roofs at the rear.


A Beaches Home

This is a typical downtown home that many roofers shy away from.  There’s difficult access, and close neighbouring properties that need protection. Roofs like this are standard fare for Toronto Roofing Industries.