Very happy with the work

Dear Tim Mulroy,

We recently had the siding replaced on the front of our home. The work was done on time. The installer worked hard to complete the job and clean up was excellent.

We were very happy with the work completed and would have no hesitation in recommending Toronto Roofing Industries to someone else.


Robert Coulter

183 Swanwick Ave.

July 2, 2012

Exceptional work and craftsmanship

Dear Tim Mulroy,

It is our pleasure to tell you that the work and craftsmanship completed by your workers was exceptional. The workers worked clean and diligently to get the job done and done well.

I must say, when we were investigating products and companies to do the job, the quotes which were given were very much similar to what we ended up paying. The one thing that made us go with Toronto Roofing Industries was the customer service we received by you, Tim. We trusted you and your workers provide the right service for us and that you did!

Thank you and please express our gratitude to the workers that worked on our job. We are very pleased and would recommend Toronto Roofing Industries to anyone who requires such service.


Colonna and John Falco

Gorgeous roof

Dear Mr. Mulroy,

In my opinion it is gorgeous.

Its condition before was hopeless, and your men certainly rescued the remnants and left it looking civilized at last.

Many thanks for a job well done!


Marion Walker

136 Glenwood Crescent

June 20, 2012

Even the neighbours were pleased


From the start you were very professional and displayed a pleasant and courteous manner in doing business. Your knowledge of the product and how it was going to be installed was very much appreciated and helped us in our decision.

The crew was great and worked extremely hard and did a great job. Several neighbours have commented on how nice the roof looks and are looking to your company in the future.

Rick Eglinton

Impressed by service

Dear Tim,

We were extremely impressed by the service which was offered by your company.The work was completed as agreed and the workers were diligent about protecting the property and cleaning up the debris.

The three comments that I would make would be that the staff who delivered the materials could have introduced themselves to ensure delivery was placed properly. When the supplier was moved, the driver was abrupt and did not appear to be interested in giving a good impression. Finally, I would have appreciated an update when the job was interrupted for a few days. I would certainly recommend your business to my friends.

Best wishes,

Antoine Pivdy

August 31, 2013

Satisfied customer

Dear Tim,

We are writing to express satisfaction with our dealings with Toronto Roofing Ltd. We were treated courteously in our contact with you and all the staff. The repairs our roof needed were explained fully and clearly. The smartphone pictures of problem areas let us see exactly what was going on up there without climbing the ladder. Within days of signing the contract, we welcomed the work crew to our house, and before the day was over, thanks to their efficiency, expertise and hard work, we had a structurally sound roof sporting tidy, new tiles. A follow-up visit was performed with the same level of courtesy we experienced ever since our initial contact. The itemized bill we received explained the change clearly.

Overall, we would highly recommend Toronto Roofing Industries to anyone in need of roof repairs.

Thanks for a job well done,

P.J. Downing

August 31, 2011

Happy with the work

Dear Tim Mulroy,

For what I can see, I am happy with the work done. Robert Taylor showed me the (new) nails for the slate roof, and explained to me the work he did. I expect to have him back to check the slates in about two years, as he suggested.

For anything outside my house will need to be in need of repairs, I will call you.


Francesca Lozej

91 Withrow Ave.

September 15, 2012

Great job

Dear Tim and Carole,

I received your letter and am writing to answer your request.

I think these men did a great job. Every man seemed to know his job and did it well. I know I will have no problems with this roof for many years. I am also very happy with the eavestroughing job. It looks great and works perfectly. What more can I say?

Mr. Heldman also mentioned that your brother does chimneys, so in the spring I will be bugging you again for him to take a look at this one.

Talk to you then Carole and thank you so much.


Florence C. Ostoupyz

September 19, 2012

Professional, courteous, careful


Thank you for asking for my frank comments regarding the job.

I’m in a job where my own performance is often evaluated and as far as I’m concerned this absolutely ensures the best results.

I go to the BBB sites as an aid to my decision making when it comes to anything to do with our home. This is how I was pointed in your direction.

It is incredibly easy to deal with your company.

Russ the estimator arrived on time armed with a portfolio and samples that answered all of our questions. He was professional in every regard…so much so that I called him fifteen minutes or so after he left to book the job.

In terms of cost we had a number of quotes and you fell comfortably on the middle which was unexpected as I thought you would be the most expensive based on what it was you were offering.

Once a start date was determined your crew arrived as scheduled. They too were professional, courteous and especially careful not to impact our neighbourhood, was appreciated.

Lastly you are to be commended on your quick email responses. There are many companies that have email addresses that they often either outright ignore or are extremely late in answering.

Thank you for a job well executed. We are thrilled that water no longer pours through our ceiling lighting fixtures when it rains!

Zora Chachinski

130 Lyndhurst

September 2012

Fabulous secure roof

Hi Tim and Carole,

I’ve been wanting to write to thank you so very much for the fabulous secure roof over my head for a week or two now.

Given this ridiculously intense patch of weather we’re in this week I am particularly grateful to you for getting the job done when you did – ahead of the nutty Fall season.

The new shingles look lovely and I can’t tell you how much more secure I feel in my own home knowing that the work was done and done well. I am also truly grateful for you taking on the job the way you did.

Just wanted to say one last thank you as Sandy comes knocking 🙂 Hope you and your clients weather the storm well.

Take care you two and I’ll see you soon.

Sarah Dann

Editor & Publisher
Local Magazine

October 2012