Roofing, skylights, trouble shooting

This is the second time we’ve used Toronto Roofing Industries: the first time for eaves troughs. Great service and workmanship both times. This time it was for our roof: which was damaged and full of challenges; 2 large and leaking skylights, winter ice damns, interior ceiling heat loss contributing to the leaks from the ice damns, old chimneys that needed removed, and all kinds of critter issues. Raccoon proofing needed to be re-done, bee hives and hornets! Tim and the crew he sent us were incredible. It was a complicated 4 day job and Tim came by frequently and oversaw the work. Although, as he said, and he was right, the crew were the experts. However, having Tim on site gave us confidence that we were getting the best, and most competent work available. The crew were terrific. Polite, friendly, professional and we definitely got the sense that they genuinely wanted to help us solve our decades-old-problematic roofing issues. One of the crew was a trained expert in Velux skylight installation: again giving us confidence in the workmanship. The finished skylights are fantastic! The depth of knowledge and expertise in this crew from Toronto Roofing Industries was impressive. The extra’s that these guys did (which apparently they don’t view as ‘extra’s), was incredible. They removed two old chimney’s, numerous bee and hornets nests, re-did the raccoon proofing, painted some old flashing to match the new flashing, and cleaned our eaves! (In addition to keeping the worksite impeccable for 4 days. The administrative aspects were also spot on. Carole runs a professional, efficient office. The original quote was the exact end amount. Communication and paperwork was timely and correct. Carole sent an information package to us early in the process which was super helpful. All in all – an excellent experience. I would do it all again – with no changes. And I would recommend Toronto Roofing Industries to anyone and everyone!