Superb job, no disruptions

Dear Mr. Mulroy:

The Glenerin InnThis letter has been long overdue. I do apologize for taking so long to thank you for a superb roofing job you and your team have provided us.

In our business, our mainstream revenue is based on hosting events on our property. I must say that we were sceptical on whether the job would be executed with extreme considerations for our clientele. Though you had assured me that your team would work closely with ours to ensure no disruptions to our guests, it was always a concern I had. As you know there was over 30,000 square feet to cover!We have found your company a pleasure to work with. The professionals on site from your company were always polite, considerate and very professional. We would not hesitate for a second to recommend your company to anyone contemplating replacing their roof. You may certainly suggest they come onto our property to judge for themselves.Once again, “Thank you” and please thank all involved on our behalf.Best regards,

Floyd Paul, Maintenance Manager

The Glenerin Inn