No mess, no damage, no disruption


When we hired TRI to re-shingle our roof, we didn’t hire TRI to do a professional job. That was a given. Your references and access to your many customers within walking distance from my house guaranteed that the work was going to be done properly. The real reason we hired TRI was your ability to remain invisible. Your team was able to come in and preserve a sense of peace with us and our neighbours. At the end of everyday, there was no mess, and more importantly, there was no mess at my neighbours either. No plants were harmed, and virtually no evidence was present to suggest that you were even there (aside from the new shingles that is).

In the end, the quality of work is very important, but equally important is the wake – or lack thereof – that is left when the work is done. Maybe you should change your slogan to that of Roof Doctors – “First do no harm.”


Darryl Hagen