I felt assured

Dear Tim,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciated the excellent job that was performed on my roof. From the moment I contacted you until completion of the job, I felt assured that I was in good hands. I found the presentation folder with the information package and DVD to be extremely helpful. The presentation folder answered any questions I had, and it was reassuring to me because my knowledge of roofing was rather vague and not at all up to date. The estimate was very fair and I was most pleased.

The work crew was courteous and pleasant, and worked diligently and most effectively to complete the task quickly. My neighbours commented on their professionalism and the neatness of the site. The crew was definitely a credit to your company and I have already given your name to several people who witnessed the job.

Although I am very pleased with this job, I do have a couple of suggestions/considerations that might help future clients. First, has to do with the Express Vu TV Satellite dish. Because your workers had to remove the dish, it might be a consideration to check that it is working upon completion of the job. I had to call Bell for a service call because the TV would not function. Secondly, the location of the garbage bin could have been discussed prior to its arrival. As it was, I quickly moved my car, but had no where to park it at night. I realize this particular job was done according to when the weather was agreeable, but under ordinary circumstances, it would be a consideration for the homeowner to arrange alternate parking accommodations.

My considerations are small and seem rather petty beside the wonderful job you did. I only mention them because you seem like a company that is trying to provide the very best. I am more than pleased with the job, and I thank you for coming to my rescue before the rainy spring season was upon us. Thank you and your crew for a job well done.

Sharon Davidson