Excellent job. Well done!

Thank you for an excellent job. Well done!

Your crew arrived early on Saturday morning as promised, and worked hard all day long, right until after dark.

As it was dark when they packed up for the day, (it was well after 5pm) they asked if I would mind if they left the clean-up until Monday morning. I agreed and they made a plank path for us to get over the rubbish.

On Monday they arrived and cleaned up all the mess, including what would have been a couple of garden refuse bags worth of leaves I was anticipating doing myself!

There was one patch on the rear roof that I was bit concerned about, and I planned to call you on Tuesday morning to draw your attention to it. No need! At about 9am that morning two lads turned up and fixed the patch and finished some other work on the ridges. Apparently the original crew had run out of long nails needed to finish the job.

Throughout the job all the people at Toronto Roofing, including the crew and the office staff were very polite and friendly.

Thank you again. I will certainly be recommending TRI to my friends.

Yours sincerely,

Barry Webster