Amazing Job

Amazing job.  It’s hard to get good help.  You do your homework, on time, clean, payment on the nose (no extra charges that we didn’t know about).  Appreciate it.

Strongly recommend their services

I had 4 floods in 2 months, on Friday the wait time was 3 weeks because of my urgent situation they showed up on Monday morning.

Because of their diligence they made me a happy Home Owner.

You guys are the best!

Beach Studio Tour

Dear Carole and all of our friends at Toronto Roofing Industries,

On behalf of all of the artists of the Beach Studio Tour, I would like to thank you very much for your ongoing generous support.

BST Chair

Swift Action

Very impressed on swift action.  Telling few friends.

Reliable Service

We wanted to let you know that everyone who worked on our project was excellent!  Excellent, courteous, caring and reliable service!  Thank you!

Lightning speed work!

Thank you and Kirk for your amazing lightning speed work!

We so appreciate you doing this so quickly.

Thanks again Steve, you guys are fantastic!

High Five

Tell the guys high five and appreciate the great work.

Crew Excellent

Crew excellent, professional and organized.  We would give recommendation.